Web analytics tools track website user activity.

These reports ultimately enable you to understand who is viewing your site, how many people are using your products, how long visitors are staying on your pages, and more. 

Using these metrics, you can adapt your website design, marketing strategy, products, and more in order to best suit your customers’ needs, thereby growing your business.


Google Analytics 


Google Analytics is perhaps the best-known web analytics product and, as a free product, it has massive adoption. Although it lacks some enterprise-level features compared to its competitors in the space, the launch of the paid Google Analytics Premium edition seems likely to close the gap.


Adobe Analytics


Adobe acquired Omniture in 2009 and rebranded the platform as SiteCatalyst. It is now part of Adobe Marketing Cloud along with other products such as social marketing, test and targeting, and tag management. SiteCatalyst is one of the leading vendors in the web analytics category.


IBM Digital Analytics 


This cloud-based solution includes IBM Digital Analytics, the core analytical product, as well as several add-on modules, including Benchmark, Product Recommendations, Lifecycle, Multisite, and more. 

IBM continues to integrate the Digital Marketing Optimization platform into many other solutions as well, from business intelligence tools to social media analytics, and more.

IBM Digital Marketing Optimization primarily competes with other enterprise-level digital analytics solutions like Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics, WebTrends, and more.


Webtrends Analytics


Webtrends Analytics provides a combination of features that are designed to provide an accurate and intuitive view into an organization’s multi-channel customer journey. According to the vendor, the key features enable not only sophisticated analysis techniques but also make key insights accessible to everyone in an organization.




Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile apps helping over 250,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the "whys" behind their users' actions. Eliminate the guesswork and discover real, actionable reasons. Smartlook provides a way to understand user behavior at 





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